Will Weight Loss Cause Varicose Veins to Go Away?

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Dark blue and purple varicose veins can make you feel concerned. Not only can they affect your appearance, but they also cause issues with circulation and blood flow. While there are ways to manage the symptoms of varicose veins, home remedies, like weight loss, may not be an effective solution. Board-certified general surgeon Dr. Matthew Lynch is a specialist in vascular issues and can determine the right treatment moving forward.

So, what are varicose veins, and does weight loss improve varicose veins? During a consultation, the professionals at Lynch Vein & Aesthetics will perform an examination and answer your questions. Request an appointment by calling our clinic in Peoria, AZ.

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are large blood vessels that become swollen over time. Because they are dark in appearance, they are more noticeable among people with lighter complexions. So, what are varicose veins?

Our arteries carry blood from the heart throughout the body. However, a weak or damaged valve can cause pooling in the vein, causing it to twist and swell. Varicose veins affect normal blood flow and eventually lead to health issues if left untreated. Patients sometimes experience pain or a feeling of heaviness in the legs. You may even develop life-threatening blood clots.

Factors that increase our risk of developing varicose veins in Peoria, AZ include:

  • Age: Our blood vessels naturally weaken over time. This can affect blood circulation and how blood flows back to the heart.

  • Genetics: Patients are more at risk of varicose veins if their parents or close relatives had them.

  • Pregnancy: Blood flow increases to support a growing fetus. This places extra pressure on the veins and could prevent them from functioning correctly.

  • Obesity: Weight gain also places more pressure on our veins. It is more difficult for blood to return to the heart.

Does weight loss improve varicose veins?

So, does weight loss improve varicose veins? It depends. Varicose veins can be prevented by living a healthy and active lifestyle. Regular exercise lowers blood pressure and encourages normal blood circulation. Individuals already diagnosed with varicose veins also find that losing weight eases their symptoms and prevents the condition from worsening.

While home remedies can make a big difference, weight loss is not always enough to address the root of the problem. Medical treatment is the most reliable way to resolve the issue and ensure there are no other conditions that could lead to health complications. Dr. Lynch can answer any other questions about varicose veins and weight loss when you come in for a consultation.

Why should I treat varicose veins?

While varicose veins may begin as a cosmetic issue, they can cause pain and inflammation in the treated area. As we mentioned, they also affect your health. The professionals at Lynch Vein & Aesthetics can perform a full assessment to diagnose your condition and provide helpful treatment options. We can also recommend lifestyle choices that can make your symptoms go away over time.

Varicose veins and weight loss

Do you have concerns about varicose veins and weight loss? Consulting with a qualified specialist, like Dr. Matthew Lynch, is crucial. Whether you want to improve your appearance or relieve your symptoms, contact Lynch Vein & Aesthetics in Peoria, AZ. We are dedicated to providing consistent care and successful results.

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