About Lynch Vein & Aesthetics

At Lynch Vein & Aesthetics in Peoria, AZ, we provide men and women with varicose vein, laser skin treatments, periorbital vein treatments, aesthetic treatments, and laser-assisted incision-free liposuction to enhance the function of the legs and beauty of the skin and body. Our board-certified general surgeon and medical director, Dr. Matthew Lynch, has the skills and expertise required to provide the care you need. He has dedicated his practice to provide his patients with therapeutic, nonsurgical options in the treatment of vascular lesions, spider veins, hyperpigmentation, acne outbreaks, loose skin, and more. Dr. Lynch does not shy away from the more advanced cases that patients present to him, such as chronic venous insufficiency, deep vein thrombosis, unexplainable restless leg syndrome, and bulging varicose veins. He does his best to provide your treatment right here in our office. Unless you have medical issues that warrant a traditional hospital operating room setting, Dr. Lynch can diagnose, treat, and manage your vascular condition or laser aesthetic treatment in this office. He has spared no expense in outfitting our treatment rooms with some of the leading technologies in vascular and aesthetic medicine, such as the Harmony XL PRO laser system, Venclose, Opus Plasma, and Beautifill devices.

If you present Dr. Lynch with veins that are causing you pain or impeding on your quality of life, he will likely perform a diagnostic Doppler ultrasound to take a closer look at your veins. He can then design a custom treatment plan for you. Dr. Lynch personally performs all treatments at Lynch Vein & Aesthetics, such as ultrasound-guided therapies, sclerotherapy, laser skin resurfacing, nonsurgical skin tightening, fat transfer, laser-assisted incision-free liposuction, Botox, and dermal fillers. We invite you to learn more about our practice and make an appointment with Dr. Lynch for a private consultation. He can assist you in meeting your aesthetic goals, finding relief from painful veins, and more at his practice in Peoria, AZ.

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