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At Lynch Vein & Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on providing patients with all the resources needed to make an educated and informed decision about their health. Our Peoria, AZ patients often research their procedures using our blog posts. Browse our posts below on a range of topics, from information about laser vein treatment and various vein reduction procedures to aesthetic treatments and semaglutide injections.

Can Nonsurgical Vein Reduction Be Used for Both Cosmetic and Medical Purposes?

Dr. Matthew Lynch | 06/01/2024

Discover how Dr. Lynch at Lynch Vein & Aesthetics in Peoria, AZ uses nonsurgical laser vein reduction for both cosmetic and medical benefits.


Are Surface Laser Treatments Suitable for All Skin Tones?

Dr. Matthew Lynch | 04/21/2024

Discover how laser vein treatments at Lynch Vein & Aesthetics are suitable for almost all skin tones and can address several vein issues.


Which Types of Veins Are Suitable for Sclerotherapy Treatment?

Dr. Matthew Lynch | 03/30/2024

With sclerotherapy, you can diminish the appearance of unsightly visible veins and vascular lesions, like spider veins, for a clearer complexion.


How Soon Can You Resume Normal Activities After Nonsurgical Vein Reduction?

Dr. Matthew Lynch | 02/25/2024

Recovery time after nonsurgical vein reduction may be quicker than you think! Learn how much downtime is required after nonsurgical vein treatments.


How Can I Reduce My Veins Without Surgery?

Dr. Matthew Lynch | 01/28/2024

Looking for a convenient, minimally invasive solution for minimizing the appearance of visible veins? We can help!


What Should You Avoid After Surface Laser Treatment for Veins?

Dr. Matthew Lynch | 12/17/2023

Use these laser vein removal aftercare tips to ensure healing, a comfortable recovery, and optimal results.


Improve the Appearance of Veins with Sclerotherapy

Dr. Matthew Lynch | 11/18/2023

If unsightly spider veins are making you feel self-conscious about your appearance, sclerotherapy may be beneficial for you.


What Can Cause Broken Blood Vessels on the Skin?

Dr. Matthew Lynch | 10/19/2023

Take a closer look at what may cause your broken vessels and capillaries, spider veins, and other visible veins beneath the skin’s surface here.


What are the Benefits of Laser Vein Treatments?

Dr. Matthew Lynch | 09/25/2023

The exciting benefits of nonsurgical laser vein treatment may give you a reason to take the plunge and address your unwanted veins.


When Should Surface Lasers be Considered for Vein Reduction?

Dr. Matthew Lynch | 09/04/2023

Enhance your confidence and appearance with nonsurgical surface laser vein reduction. Find out if you can get rid of spider veins here.


The Advantages of Sclerotherapy for Spider Vein Treatment

Dr. Matthew Lynch | 07/24/2023

Discover advantages of sclerotherapy for spider vein treatment at Lynch Vein & Aesthetics in Peoria, AZ, offering personalized, effective care.


What Type of Veins Can be Treated with Nonsurgical Vein Reduction Treatments?

Dr. Matthew Lynch | 06/30/2023

Start your journey to better vein health and restored confidence with noninvasive vein reduction treatments for spider and facial veins.


Can Too Much Sun Exposure Cause Periorbital Veins to Form?

Dr. Matthew Lynch | 04/01/2023

Sun exposure is a significant factor that can adversely affect the skin and increase the appearance of periorbital veins at an earlier age.


How Many Pounds Can You Lose with Semaglutide Injections?

Dr. Matthew Lynch | 02/28/2023

Semaglutide injections can help patients safely and effectively lose up to 15-20% of their starting weight.


What is Recovery Like After Laser Vein Treatment?

Dr. Matthew Lynch | 01/28/2023

The recovery period after a laser vein treatment is generally quick and easy. There is minimal downtime after this outpatient procedure.


Can Periorbital Veins Run in the Family?

Dr. Matthew Lynch | 12/30/2022

The periorbital veins around the eyes can become visible due to various factors, especially genetics.


When Should I See a Doctor for Periorbital Veins?

Dr. Matthew Lynch | 09/30/2022

Learn how periorbital vein treatment, such as sclerotherapy, can reduce the vein discoloration around your eyes.


Can My Birthmark Be Removed?

Dr. Matthew Lynch | 07/31/2022

Learn how Harmony XL PRO laser treatments can reduce the size and appearance of a stubborn birthmark.


All You Should Know Before Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment

Dr. Matthew Lynch | 02/20/2022

Advanced laser treatment can reduce the appearance of acne scars and hyperpigmentation. See if you are a candidate for laser skin resurfacing here.


Can Periorbital Veins Go Away On Their Own?

Dr. Matthew Lynch | 01/30/2022

While periorbital veins will not typically go away on their own, there are many treatment options Dr. Matthew Lynch can suggest.


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