Can Periorbital Veins Run in the Family?

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The term “periorbital” refers to something around (peri) the eyes (orbital), and periorbital veins are the veins that transport blood to the vessels in the eyes. These veins have an essential job, and they do it invisibly, most of the time. Yet, for some individuals, these veins become visible and can impart an unaesthetic look that causes self-consciousness. These veins are made visible due to various causes, including genetics and the all-encompassing effects of the aging process.

Many patients desire to reduce or eliminate the appearance of these periorbital veins, and Dr. Matthew Lynch is here to provide the most effective, compassionate care to patients in Peoria, AZ. Contact us today to find out how we can improve your aesthetics at Lynch Vein & Aesthetics.

Can periorbital veins run in the family?

Multiple factors can affect the appearance and severity of the periorbital veins. Genetic predisposition is the most influential among these factors, as this condition runs in the family. There are other impactful aspects, however, including sun exposure and aging.

Aging causes a degradation of all bodily tissues, especially the skin, which becomes lax and thin as it loses its smoothness and elasticity. As a result, the periorbital veins become more and more evident, much to many patients’ distress. Fortunately, potential treatments abound, and we can help discover the optimal solution for you at Lynch Vein & Aesthetics.

The following are some of our effective, time-tested therapies for diminishing periorbital veins:

We offer multiple treatment options to reduce the visibility of periorbital veins

One effective treatment option is known as sclerotherapy. It’s a straightforward technique that involves injecting an iodine solution into the veins. This solution causes them to scar (sclero- refers to a hardening), which in turn re-routes the blood flow through other, healthier veins to reduce the visibility of the periorbital veins.

Undereye dermal fillers. The undesirable appearance of periorbital veins can be exacerbated by other signs of aging, including the hollow, sunken, or saggy look that may manifest as the skin loses its suppleness. By utilizing dermal fillers in the areas under the eye, we can provide a volumizing, plumping boost that helps hide the otherwise bulging periorbital veins. It should be noted that this is a temporary treatment, which generally lasts about six months or so.

Laser therapy. Modern medical advances have made lasers invaluable in treating numerous conditions, both aesthetic and functional. And in this case, a laser can be used to seal off the periorbital veins. And with blood no longer coursing through them, these pesky, unseemly veins become significantly less apparent. Additionally, as with other laser-based procedures, you’ll benefit from the minimal recovery time.

Refresh your complexion and vanquish periorbital veins in Peoria, AZ

As always, your best solution depends on your unique personal factors. And our experienced Dr. Matthew Lynch is eager to put that expertise to use in formulating the most efficient treatment plan for your specific needs. Thanks to our clinically proven techniques, our team at Lynch Vein & Aesthetics can reduce the visibility of periorbital veins to give you a refreshed, younger look and a boost of confidence. For better aesthetics, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and explore your options in Peoria, AZ!

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