Glutathione Injections in Peoria, AZ

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What Are Glutathione Injections?

As we're all aware, as the skin ages, it starts to become pigmented, wrinkled, and saggy. For that reason, countless men and women alike seek out preventative or corrective options for their skin. Glutathione injections have proven to be a fast and effective way to seamlessly lighten the appearance of your skin. If you're currently unhappy with the natural radiance of your skin complexion, contact Lynch Vein & Aesthetics in Peoria, AZ today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Matthew Lynch or a member of his talented team.

How Do Glutathione Injections Work?

Glutathione is a naturally occurring substance produced by our liver. As the body ages, the liver makes less and less glutathione, which can accelerate the aging process. By injecting it directly into the body, we're able to compensate for these deficiencies and keep the body looking youthful and glowing. To achieve the best possible results, we recommend for patients to receive glutathione injections 1 – 3 times per week. Most patients begin to see results after about 3 weeks of treatment, but this could vary from one patient to the next. The results of the treatment can be maintained by scheduling regular follow-up sessions with our staff.

What Are the Benefits of Glutathione Injections?

There are a number of benefits related to receiving glutathione injections from Lynch Vein & Aesthetics in Peoria, AZ. Many of our patients appreciate the following advantages of this treatment:

  • Increased lightness in the skin
  • Glutathione is a natural antioxidant already found in your body
  • Fast treatment
  • No discomfort

Glutathione Injections FAQ

How much do glutathione injections cost?

The price of glutathione will differ from patient to patient depending on several factors. During your consultation, our expert team will listen to your goals and concerns before assessing your situation in order to create a custom treatment plan. At that point, we’ll be able to provide a more accurate cost estimate.

Are glutathione injections painful?

No. Patients will feel a slight pinch during the injection itself, but other than that, there is no pain or discomfort associated with this procedure. It is no more painful than any other injection.

What can glutathione injections do?

While at Lynch Vein & Aesthetics, we focus on utilizing glutathione to revitalize the skin, it has also show to benefit weight loss and hair regrowth.

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