How Soon Can You Resume Normal Activities After Nonsurgical Vein Reduction?

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One of the primary benefits of modern vein treatments is convenience — from the time it takes for the treatment itself to the length of the recovery period. With many of today's nonsurgical vein treatments, patients enjoy virtually no downtime, allowing them to return to work, exercise, and other normal activities sooner. At Lynch Vein & Aesthetics, board-certified general surgeon and Peoria, AZ vein specialist Dr. Matthew Lynch is committed to offering the most innovative, effective, and convenient vascular treatments available today to help patients regain their comfort, confidence, and clear skin without the downsides of other vein therapies. With a variety of nonsurgical and minimally invasive vein treatments available, our patients enjoy quick recovery times and fewer side effects. Here, you'll find more information about what to expect after nonsurgical vein therapies, including how you'll feel, what aftercare tips may be beneficial for you, and when you may be able to resume your normal routines.

Which vein treatments are nonsurgical?

Some of the most popular nonsurgical vein treatments available today include laser vein removal and sclerotherapy, both of which can be used to dramatically reduce the visibility of a variety of vascular lesions, such as:

  • Spider veins
  • Birthmarks
  • Broken blood vessels

How does nonsurgical vein reduction work?

The specific vein treatment recommended by Dr. Lynch will vary from patient to patient based on the type of lesions present, the severity of the lesions, where the veins or vascular lesions are located, and other individual factors. With surface laser vein treatment, the Harmony XL PRO laser is used to deliver targeted heat energy to the skin's surface. The energy penetrates beneath the skin, warming and destroying the unhealthy vein. In minimally invasive sclerotherapy, Dr. Lynch injects a specialized sclerosing solution directly into the targeted veins or lesions, causing them to collapse. After either type of nonsurgical vein treatment, the treated veins will be naturally resorbed by the body, and the blood that previously flowed through those veins will be rerouted to healthy veins.

How soon can I go back to work after nonsurgical vein therapy?

In most cases, patients can return almost immediately to light desk work and other activities after laser vein treatment or sclerotherapy, though Dr. Lynch may recommend some nonsurgical vein treatment aftercare instructions, like wearing compression stockings, avoiding strenuous exercise, abstaining from alcohol, and others. Still, it is usually possible to resume the vast majority of your normal routines within just a few days. Because each case is unique, it is important to follow the specific post-treatment instructions for your vein treatment provided by Dr. Lynch.

Will spider veins come back after treatment?

The veins treated with nonsurgical vein reduction will not return, though patients who have a history of spider veins and other vascular lesions may be at increased risk of developing new and recurrent visible veins in the future. To help avoid or slow the development of new spider veins and lesions, patients should adhere to a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise, a balanced diet, and not smoking. Should new veins develop at some point in the future after a nonsurgical vein treatment, a repeat procedure can likely help restore the clearer skin achieved in the initial round of treatment.

Start enjoying smoother, clearer skin — and get back to your daily life sooner — with nonsurgical vein treatment in Peoria, AZ

Gone are the days when invasive surgery, prolonged discomfort, and a lengthy recovery period were unavoidable parts of treating visible veins and vascular lesions. With the comprehensive suite of nonsurgical vein therapies and technologies available at Lynch Vein & Aesthetics, patients can now have their visible veins treated over their lunch break and get back to the routines and activities they love. Take the first step toward a clearer complexion and boosted self-confidence the convenient way by calling to schedule your Peoria, AZ nonsurgical vein treatment or consultation with board-certified surgeon and vein specialist Dr. Matthew Lynch today.

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