Nine Things To Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal

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Some people are so busy in their daily routines that shaving and waxing can be a time-waster. Laser hair removal is an easy solution that addresses this problem for good. If you want to treat excess hair on the legs, arms, or other areas, board-certified general surgeon Dr. Matthew Lynch and the team at Lynch Vein & Aesthetics can help. Learn how to prepare for laser hair removal by reading below or scheduling a visit to our Peoria, AZ office.

1. Laser treatments are not considered painful

One common misconception about laser hair removal is that treatments are painful. While the side effects of laser hair removal do include skin sensitivity, our patients agree that any discomfort is manageable. In fact, laser treatments are less painful than traditional plucking and waxing.

2. It works on most skin tones

Laser hair removal works by targeting the pigments in your individual hairs. While ideal candidates have light skin and dark hair, new technologies have allowed people to safely undergo hair removal. If you have concerns about treating darker-toned skin, speak with a specialist. Dr. Lynch can perform an assessment and let you know if you qualify.

3. Avoid sunlight and tanning treatments

Too much sun exposure before and after laser treatments could damage your skin and alter your results. For this reason, we recommend avoiding direct sunlight and all forms of UV exposure until your laser hair removal sessions at Lynch Vein & Aesthetics have ended.

4. Stay away from certain medications

Some medications increase photo-sensitivity and side effects of laser hair removal. Since too much sun exposure could harm your skin, please inform our team in Peoria, AZ if you are taking drugs that react to UV light. Some examples include antibiotics and retinoids. You can always wait until you finish your course of medication before getting laser hair removal.

5. Be patient about results

Patients should understand that laser hair removal procedures are a commitment. You will need to come in for sessions every few weeks. This is because lasers only target hair in the active phase of growth. When you arrive for your appointment, we can let you know how many sessions you require to see results.

6. You can shave before laser hair removal

Remember that the laser targets the hair pigment from the tip down to the root, which is what connects to the follicle. The laser then damages the follicle enough to prevent any further growth. However, the entire follicle does not need to be present for treatment to work. Patients can shave before laser hair removal to make the most of their results.

7. Do not pluck or wax your hair

Laser hair removal can be combined with shaving in between sessions. Since plucking or waxing removes the entire hair, we ask that you stop as soon as possible. Bleaching your hair is also not recommended.

8. Prevent ingrown hair

Waxing and shaving are known to create unwanted side effects, like an ingrown hair. When waxing, your hair grows back weaker and could get trapped underneath the skin. Laser hair removal works to prevent ingrown hair and create a smooth, even-looking surface.

9. Do not work out following treatment

Since your skin is heated up during laser treatment, you need to avoid any activities that heat the skin even further. Avoid activities such as strenuous exercise to prevent damage and lessen the side effects of laser hair removal.

Learn how to prepare for laser hair removal

Want to know how to prepare for laser hair removal? Meet with the professionals at Lynch Vein & Aesthetics. We can teach you simple tips and tricks for making your treatment as seamless as possible, such as shaving before laser hair removal. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Matthew Lynch in Peoria, AZ to learn more.

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