What Age-Related Skin Imperfections Are Treated With ClearLift?

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While there are many anti-aging treatments on the market today, some are ineffective or even painful. The good news is that ClearLift™ laser skin resurfacing offers dramatic results with safe, gentle treatment. At Lynch Vein & Aesthetics, we hope to provide individuals with comprehensive solutions for issues such as sun damage, poor skin laxity, and other age-related skin conditions.

So, what is ClearLift laser treatment, and what kinds of skin imperfections can we solve? When you visit board-certified general surgeon Dr. Matthew Lynch in Peoria, AZ, we can review the process in detail with you. Learn how to turn back the hands of time by scheduling your first anti-aging consultation. Our professionals hope to help you achieve a clearer, younger-looking complexion.

Should I get ClearLift laser treatment?

ClearLift is a virtually painless, non-ablative approach to facial rejuvenation. This means that the laser penetrates beneath the skin to create a controlled wound without damaging the overlying skin. As the skin repairs itself, your complexion becomes plumper and tighter, with a lifted look. This aesthetic treatment is especially geared toward individuals who have sensitive or fair skin. During a skin assessment, we can let you know if the ClearLift solution is right for you.

Treatment is generally recommended for the following age-related skin imperfections:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Loose skin

  • Sun damage

  • Age spots

  • Acne scars

How treatment is performed

Once we determine your candidacy for ClearLift, Lynch Vein & Aesthetics creates a personalized plan designed to meet your cosmetic goals in Peoria, AZ. We will also discuss using a topical anesthetic or mild sedative to keep you at ease during your appointment. When the handpiece is guided along your skin, it may feel like a warm sensation. While ClearLift is not meant for all skin types, many patients appreciate the gorgeous results that come with little to no risk.

ClearLift laser side effects and results

So, what are some of the ClearLift laser side effects? Because this treatment is non-ablative, the surface of the skin is generally unaffected. Individuals can return to work the same day and resume most normal activities. This is a clear advantage over plastic surgery since patients do not need to heal from invasive incisions or other methods. The most common side effects of ClearLift include some redness and inflammation as well as skin peeling.

ClearLift laser side effects usually resolve over the following few days, but patients still need to be wary and follow post-procedure instructions at home. Avoid direct sun exposure to the treated area to prevent skin damage and keep the healing process seamless. You should also avoid picking at the peeling skin. Those receiving a deeper resurfacing treatment may experience a lengthier recovery and need to follow additional guidelines.

Address age-related skin conditions

Sun damage, poor skin laxity, and other common skin imperfections can impact our self-esteem and prevent us from living a full life. When facial plastic surgery is not an option, you can turn to Lynch Vein & Aesthetics for ClearLift laser procedures. Dr. Matthew Lynch can help you fight age-related skin conditions with a simple consultation in Peoria, AZ. Contact us to learn about our non-ablative solutions and achieve the smoother, softer-looking complexion you have always wanted.

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