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What is Varithena?

Do you have large varicose veins? Ask our board-certified general surgeon and medical director, Dr. Matthew Lynch, about Varithena at your next vein appointment. Varithena is a sclerosing foam (polidocanol) that Dr. Lynch can inject into your vein guided by an ultrasound. This technique can cause enough irritation in the lining of the treated vein so that it will collapse and go through your body's natural waste elimination system. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Varithena is a safe and effective treatment that does not require an incision or anesthesia. You can have a Varithena injection at our office and still be able to drive yourself home after your appointment. Even though it is still considered minimally invasive, Varithena is a nonsurgical procedure that is nothing like the traditional vein stripping you may have heard about in the past. With a gentle touch, we can help manage your dilated, twisted, and bulging veins above the surface of your skin at our office at Lynch Vein & Aesthetics in Peoria, AZ.

What are the benefits of Varithena?

Varicose veins are swollen or twisted veins that show just beneath the surface of the skin. They can make you feel self-conscious and limit your ability to wear the clothes you want. Varithena is a simple, safe treatment that can eliminate or reduce the appearance of unwanted veins. There are a number of benefits of Varithena compared to other more invasive treatment options. The primary benefit is that you can avoid the pain and recovery time associated with surgery. Patients also report returning to work and daily activities as soon as their appointment is over.

Best Candidates for Varithena

Varithena is available at Lynch Vein & Aesthetics for men and women with one or multiple twisted varicose veins above or below the knee. To be a candidate for Varithena, this may be your first vein treatment or one of many. Dr. Lynch can offer you several strategies to take on your varicose veins, which may include injections of Varithena. In your initial appointment, Dr. Lynch will evaluate your veins, discuss your current medications, allergies, and medical history. Then, he will make a treatment plan that meets your needs.

Varithena Treatment Details

On the day of your Varithena treatment, we will take you to one of our private treatment rooms. Using an ultrasound to guide the injection, Dr. Lynch will insert the sclerosing foam into your varicose vein. Your skin will be bandaged. We will monitor you as you walk for 10 – 15 minutes while wearing compression stockings. This is just a precaution we take to make sure there are no immediate adverse effects of the medication.

Once you are home, we would like you to take at least one 10-minute walk daily for the next month. Strenuous exercise is not advised for the first week after a Varithena injection. Staying active with light exercise is recommended daily for the best results.

During Your Varithena Recovery

Dr. Lynch will need to keep your bandages dry and in place after your Varithena treatment. He will ask you to wear knee or thigh-high compression stockings for up to two weeks after the injection. If you do need to have repeat treatments on very large varicose veins, Dr. Lynch will require your next treatment at least five days afterward. Some of the side effects you need to be on the lookout for after a Varithena injection are:

  • Pain or tenderness in the treated leg
  • Swelling or hematoma at the injection site
  • Formation of a blood clot (thrombosis)

If you suspect there is an issue with your leg after a Varithena treatment, please contact our office at any time. We do ask that you keep your follow-up appointments so that we can monitor your progress.

Varithena FAQs

How do I prepare for Varithena?

Patients at Lynch Vein & Aesthetics require a medical assessment before undergoing Varithena. During this appointment, our team will learn about your medical history and assess your symptoms, including one or more twisted varicose veins that are noticeable above or below the knee. We can then give you information about how to prepare for varicose vein treatment.

How safe is this procedure?

Varithena is a minimally invasive treatment that has undergone extensive clinical research to ensure its safety and efficacy. While patients should expect some discomfort or swelling during recovery, Dr. Lynch wouldn't recommend this solution if we didn't believe it to be the best option for you. Our team can review the details of Varithena during your initial appointment.

Does it require surgery?

The great news about Varithena is that it doesn't require surgery or an extended hospital stay. Instead, we use advanced ultrasound technology to guide an injection of sclerosing foam into the varicose vein. Patients in Peoria, AZ, should follow our recovery instructions (such as wearing compression stockings) to ensure the best results.

Available for appointments

When other varicose vein treatment options are not available to you, you may be a great candidate for Varithena injections at Lynch Vein & Aesthetics. Dr. Lynch is highly skilled in the treatment of vascular issues and has the experience to provide your care — no matter how challenging your large varicose veins may be. He will take the time to get to know you and then present you with ideal solutions. Find out more about all of our varicose vein treatments in our Peoria, AZ office. Call today for an appointment.

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